The Molotov project

What is

The Molotov is a command-line program that aims to make it easy for people who want to create a bootable usb drive for Windows 10 installation on Linux. The idea behind this project is to make a program that is easy to maintain and follows the Unix philosophy.

How to install

Since this program is relatively new it is still not available from any linux distribution's repositories, there is a plan on porting it to Debian, although the people from there rejected my package. The recommended way of installing Molotov is to use the Debian package from my releases' page.

If you know what you're doing, you can put the script in /usr/bin directory, be careful to use a stable version, in other words, a version that is tagged on github.


I made this program for computer technicians that use Linux as their primary OS and do not have access to a Windows computer to use Rufus or any similar program, these kind of professionals can use this program to make a bootable flash drive and install the Windows 10 on other people's computers. That's the situation that I've been through a lot of times and I always had to switch to Windows in order to do this kind of stuff. Now I don't need it anymore thanks to the Molotov and problably you will not need either.

Thanks to this program I am learning stuff that might be useful for me in the future and hopefully that stuff might be useful for you too. What I am talking about is:

Please do not complain about the fact that I am helping people to get out of the Linux because of this program, I made this in the hope that it will be useful.


I will try to explain here why some features will not be available in Molotov. First, since the project follows the Unix philosophy I want to make it simple and to do one thing, only a minimal set of options will be available such as those you would expect in a command-line application. With that being said, the following features won't be available:

However this is free software, you can customize it according to your needs.

Non-functional requirements

The project has some technical requirements that I want to explain, first off, always keep the code clean, second off, always keep the code small. The smaller the code the easier to understand, I want people to see the source code and be able to get what's going on, not only that, the project must use the best practices and act like a well behaved command line application.

The program must follow the Gnu coding standards and try to be POSIX-compliant, another thing is, despite being a command-line program, molotov must be easy to use and have only few options so the user does not need to scroll down a giant page of a manpage. I know it depends a lot on Linux tools to work but I hope in the future I will be able to port it to BSDs and even Mac, if I ever find a standard Unix disk partitioner.

Why the name Molotov

This name was suggested by a friend of mine who is a fan of a mexican band called Molotov. Molotov also reminds a wine bottle catching fire which subliminally means that people often give up on Linux because a program does not run on wine and for that reason they get back to Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you plan to support other versions of Windows?

No, according to Microsoft the 10 will be the definitive version of Windows and the other ones will stop receiving support anytime soon, so if you plan to use older versions of Windows, from a security view-point that is a bad idea. However, there are other reasons why molotov doesn't support other versions of Windows and one of them is maintainability, in other words, supporting multiple versions of Windows require a lot of source code and work that we could be using on fixing bugs and improving the program.

Some users reported that Molotov is capable of creating media from Windows 8 images, however I am not sure if that is going to last because the program always expects it to be the tenth version.

Do you plan to support Linux ISOs?

No, Linux isos are often bootable by themselves, they do not need molotov for that. If you need a CLI program stick with the good old dd command.

Will you support multi-boot?

I am sorry but no, multi-boot requires a lot of stuff that are out of control for molotov. If you really need that kind of feature I suggest using ventoy which also supports booting Windows' images.

About the project

Molotov is licensed under the GPLv3 and its source code can be found here .