[TIP] Better camera on oreo ROMs

Originally published on Xda-developers's forum
Author: C├ęzar Augusto de Campos
Date: 10th march 2019


If you don't like the camera's quality it is because the google camera app is not the best for the grand prime, actually this is the problem of all ROMs based on the pure android, isn't the image clear enough? does the image looks blurred?

I've been comparing my camera on android oreo with my another phone (both are the same model), one has the stock Android and the other one has the pure Android 8 and the differences are huge, how to work around this problem?

Well... I have researched and talked to devs about this and it turns out that the drivers of the camera are the same as the stock firmware, but the only thing what changes the quality is how the image is processed by the camera application.

So who's the one to blame? The camera app.

What is the solution?

The real solution is to use ROMs based on the stock ROM, i.e. touchwiz, but I have noticed that many people still prefer using the pure Android so this solution is not possible. There is still another way.

CyanogenMod camera and fine adjustments

That's what you read, with the 'old' Cyanogen camera app you can have better pictures. First, install this app

It's called Cyan Apps if the link isn't working and then...

Choose 'camera' on CM's 13 section

Note: Don't choose the CM 14.1 version because it crashes when you start recording a video or change to frontal camera.

Download and install it.


Open the camera and go to settings, drag down until the last options and turn off the Denoise option, then go to the sharpness and set it to the level 0 (or do whatever you think is better) and go to the picture quality and set it to 100%. The rest of the options you can leave in the default level.


You can alternatively with root access make this a system application and delete the other one just to have only one default for your ROM

In the thumbnails I want you to pay attention in the sharpness of the image and the quality, I hope you don't mind if I'm a bad photographer.

UPDATE: I know the link is broken, it's because Cyan Apps has been removed from playstore, I don't know why, but you know now the secret to make the image good-looking, you have to turn off denoise option which comes by default turned on in all Samsung cameras. Find an APP that can make this for you. Best Regards.